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Which bike you should rent in Vietnam

icon 03/04/2023
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By Super Admin

which motorbike should rent in Vietnam?

The motorbike you should rent in Vietnam will depend on several factors such as your riding experience, intended route, and personal preferences. Here are some of the most common motorbikes for rent in Vietnam and their characteristics:

Honda Win: A popular choice for backpackers due to its low cost and ease of repair. However, it may not be the most reliable or comfortable option for longer journeys.
Honda XR: A great option for off-road adventures and rough terrain. It has a powerful engine and good suspension, but may not be as fuel-efficient or comfortable as other options.
Honda Wave: A lightweight and easy-to-handle option that is ideal for city travel and short trips. It has good fuel economy and is easy to repair, but may not be as suitable for longer journeys.
Scooter: A popular automatic scooter that is easy to ride and comfortable. It is ideal for city travel and short trips, but may not be the best option for off-road adventures.

Ultimately, the motorbike you choose to rent in Vietnam will depend on your experience level and the type of adventure you are looking for. It is always a good idea to test ride the motorbike before renting it and to ensure that it is in good condition and has proper documentation.

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