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The lessee needs to read and agree to these terms and conditions before renting a motorcycle. The terms and conditions govern the rights and obligations of the lessee, as a customer, when using the products/services provided by Motorcycle Vietnam Co., LTD.

1. Definitions

In these Contract Terms and Conditions, the following words and terms shall have the meanings set forth below, unless the context requires otherwise:

1.1. Lessor (referred to as Party A): Motorcycle Vietnam Limited Company.

1.2. Lessee (referred to as Party B): Customers using motorcycle rental services.

2. Responsibilities of Parties A and B

2.1. Responsibilities of Party A

- Party A must provide Party B with a motorcycle as required and a copy of the motorcycle registration certificate.

- Party A must ensure that the motorcycle is in good condition.

- On return of the motorcycle in good condition to Party A, Party A will refund the full deposit to Party B.

2.2. Responsibilities of Party B

- Distance limit per day: 70 km/day for local cities; 200 km/day beyond city limits.

- If the distance limit is exceeded, costs will be incurred: 1 US dollar per 10 km.

- Full payment is required upon signing this contract. If unforeseen circumstances occur during the rental period that requires expenditure by Party A, Party B must reimburse Party A.

- Party B must maintain and keep the vehicle in the same condition as on the date of rental and compensate for any damage or loss in accordance with the value of the part or parts determined by the manufacturer.

- Party B must use prescribed types of fuels.

- Party B must not dismantle any of the vehicle’s parts without the agreement of Party A. If anything is found to have been dismantled by Party A, Party B will have to pay twice that part’s value.

- If Party B has an accident, breakdown, or any problems while driving, Party B has to inform Party A immediately. Party B must also cooperate with Party A to solve any problems as quickly as possible.

- Party B must not try to solve any problems alone, including authorizing the repair of the motorcycle, without consulting Party A. Party B must pay all costs relating to the repair of the motorcycle and any other related expenses incurred by Party B.

- If Party B causes any damage to the vehicle’s tires, Party B is liable for all repair costs. This charge is negotiable.

- Party B does not allow driving the bike to special routes where a local guide is required. In case Party B requests support from Party A, Party B has to pay for all related fees.

- While the motorcycle is unusable through Party B’s negligence, Party B must continue to pay the full amount of the rental cost.

- If the motorcycle is held by the authorities, Party B must take responsibility. If Party A helps resolve any financial problems arising, Party B has to pay fees incurred based on a mutually agreed-upon amount.

- Party B is only allowed to drive or let someone else drive the rented motorcycle if Party B, or his/her co-driver, must also comply with all current Vietnamese laws.

- In case of an accident, Party B must remain at the scene and give first aid if anyone is injured. The authorities and Party A must be informed immediately. If Party B is at fault, Party B must be responsible under Vietnamese law and provide full compensation for any damage to Party A. Party B must also pay for all damage to Party A’s property, including body protection accessories.

- If Party B operates a vehicle in violation of traffic laws in Vietnam, Party B shall be fully responsible for paying fines and complying with legal requirements.

- The deposit will not be refunded if Party B cancels his/her contract, irrespective of reasons. If Party B has provided his/her passport or another document in lieu of a full deposit, the passport or other document will only be returned if Party B and Party A reach a mutually agreed-upon amount that will compensate Party A.

- If Party B cannot compensate Party A for expenses incurred, the deposit will be retained by Party A.

NB: You need travel insurance that covers loss and theft. This policy should have been bought by you in your country of origin. MotorVina Travel cannot and will not accept responsibility for the damage, loss, and/or theft of your belongings in this country.

3. Further Details

3.1. Party B is not allowed to:

- Use the motorcycle to transport forbidden goods or to break Vietnamese law. The motorcycle also cannot be mortgaged.

3.2. The rights of Party A:

- Party A may inform the police if Party B intentionally does not contact Party A.

- Party A can unilaterally terminate Party B’s contract if Party B does not comply with the above-mentioned stipulations.

3.3. Territorial Limits and Authorities:

- Territorial limits: Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

- Authorities: The appropriate authorities in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam are the authorities that are part of the Vietnamese government system.

3.4. Laws apply according to:

The laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

4. Requirements for both parties

While under contractual obligations, both parties must inform each other about any problems. If a problem cannot be resolved satisfactorily, the authorities where Party A's head office is located will be called upon to resolve the issue. The party at fault must bear all expenses.

This contract is valid from the contract date to the return date. After 3 days the contract will be declared null and void. The original of this contract will be kept at the office of Party A and a photocopy will be provided to Party B.

By ticking the box below, Party B confirms that they have read, and agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions in this Contract Terms and Conditions.