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One day travel in Hue – some tips for travelers

Hue is a charming city in central Viet Nam which is well- known for its distinct architecture, historical sites, unique pagodas and  amazing traditional vietnamese foods. This city used to be a capital of Viet Nam during the seat of Nguyen dynasty emperors from 1802 to 1945. With many sights and attractions , visitors need to tick off on the list and spend much time to discover most of these places. But if you just have one day travel in Hue, which things you should do ? Some suggestions from our travel experiences below might be helpful:

1. Imperial Citadel.

Hue citadel

This is the most famous and important site in Hue where visitors can learn about the history of Nguyen Dynasty emperors. Although most of this area was destroyed in Viet Nam war but it has been rebuilt recently. Imperial Citadel is the perfect place to start your day before seeing tomb, bridge and pagoda.

2. Royal tombs.

The next stop is royal tomb.  There are total 7 royal tombs of the Emperor of Nguyen dynasty scatter along  the Perfume river. All were built according to strict rules of geomancy , which often involvel making substantial modifications to the landscap to ensure that the sight lines and orientation of supernatural forces. Royal tombs are mostly split into two separate areas , an area of temples and gateways and tomb itself. For all of tombs , visitors should pick one among Khai Dinh, Minh Mang and Tu Duc tomb for the next thing to do in one day travel.

3. Thanh Toan bridge.


Another highlight of visiting Hue is Thanh Toan bridge which is considered as traditional architectural monument , valuable in history and recognizable landmark. This bridge was made of wood and the structure is ” a bridge under a house ” that makes Thanh Toan different from others ancient bridges. Travelling to this bridge, visitors can enjoy the peaceful life and get more knowledge about the traditional culture of Viet Nam.

4. Thien Mu Pagoda.

one day travel in hue
Thien mu pagoda

Located in the bank of Perfume river, this pagoda is known for having gold and silver images of the Buddha and is one of the most recognizable and fascinating sites in the city. Visiting Thien Mu Pagoda in the late afternoon, visitors will have a chance to observe the sunset which is absolutely worth seeing to finish your one day travel .

For those who are not interested in historic sites and architectural monuments, visitors can opt for the countryside trip. With many attractions should be ticked off the list such as Thuan An beach, Tam Giang lagoon, Ru Cha mangrove forest, Abandoned water park.

If you stay one night in Hue, one of best things to do for visitors is to wander around walking street where you can have some drinks at pubs or bars, try amazing vietnamese traditional foods and observe the views by night.

How to get there :

Most of these places are located far away from the center, visitors can choose private car, motorbike or taxi for the trip. From our experience, we would  recommend to take motorbike for anyone who want to explore the city by freedom way. Riding around the city, passing through green rice paddies, stopping anywhere and watching the daily life of local people will be very interesting and unforgetable. In order to satisfied with the demands of visitors who want to travel on motorbike by their own , Motorvina provides plenty of kind of bikes with highly quality and condition.

For those who want to get the tour , you can choose the option for private tour, either motorbike or car. To get most out of your time, the tour guide who already knows the best places in Hue city and will accomodate to all your needs

Participating the tour with a private driver give you enough time to fully discover and enjoy all famous sites in Hue in only one day travel.

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Thuan An beach

Thuan An beach is one of the places you need to tick off your list if you are in  Hue. It is located in Thuan An town, Phu Vang district , Thua Thien Hue province which is about 18 km from  the city center.  Nowadays , it becomes a must visit place when travelling to Hue in dry season because of its peaceful and pristine beauty.

Thuan An beach is a fastastic long beach with white soft sand, crystal clear water and peaceful ambience are some of the features that lure travellers to come here.  The water is cool and clean , therefore it becomes a great place for swimming, especially in the hot summer days when the temperature can reach from 37 to 40 degree celcius.  Spending one day at Thuan An beach , travellers will have the chance to admire the colorful changes of the immense sea. When the east parted the first rays of sunglight , the entire sea was dyed with a golden color. At this time, you will be immersed in the vibrant, bustling but also very familiar atmosphere of the seafood trading activities. In the late afternoon,  visitors might observe the boats with full of fish, shrimp and other seafoods returned after a trip to the sea.

tải xuống
The sun is risen on Thuan An beach

How to get there:

To reach the destination, travellers just take National No 49 and follow the sign showing Thuan An beach on the way or simply picking up a map and setting off .  Just around 18 km from the center, taking a taxi or motorbike would be a good option due to its convenience and flexibility.

Where to stay :

If you are planning to stay close the beach, there are some peaceful and nice resorts such as Villa Louise, Ana Mandara and Beach Bar.  Or you can easily get the guesthouse or small hotel nearby with reasonable price.

Where to eat : 

Although not many services have been developed when coming to Thuan An beach, you can enjoy the fresh taste of seafood caught by local people. There are some wonderful seafood restaurants with parking on the road down to the edge beach.


The best time to visit Thuan An beach is dry season ( start from April to the end of September ).

Make sure to use suncream to protect your skin on the hot summer days.

tải xuống (1)
The fishing boats lying on white sand.

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Ru Cha Mangrove Forest

If you intend to escape the hustle and bustle of Hue city, Ru Cha mangrove forest should be the first priority due to its beauty and peace. Located in Thuan Hoa village which is around 15 kilometers distance from Hue city. This five- hectare forest is the only preserved primeval mangrove forest in Hue , still serving the dual function of preventing saline encroachment and motigating storm impact. With diverse ecosystems, the primeval mangrove forest helps to bring a stable subsistence livehood for local residents.

Tourists are seen taking a stroll amid the peaceful atmosphere of the area.  Having a walk around the mangrove forest, visitors can discover the primary forest, enjoy the fresh air and occasionally see the sunlight playing through the leaves which give us a sense of comfort. It is therefore also a good venue for those wanting to get away from work and to escape the stress of daily life.

From the high floors of the watchtower, visitors easily observe shrimp ponds, farm,  fishing boats and nets on Tam Giang lagoon. At some time of season, they can go rowing around the forest which is surrouded by rivers and lakes.  Apart from those who come to enjoy the beauty and take pictures, nowadays this forest also attracts people caring environment because of its valuable source of biodiversity.

How to get there :  Around 15 km distance from Hue city,  there are some options for transportation to get there such as private car, taxi, cyclo or motorbike. In order to reach this place, visitors should follow National No 49 to Thuan An beach , and then turn left to Tam Giang bridge. According to our experience,  taking motorbike is one of the best choices due to its super convenience and flexibility. A tour guide should be hired to accommodate to all your needs.

Ru cha mangrove forest A concrete road leading to mangrove forest.
Continue reading Ru Cha Mangrove Forest

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Hue travel experience

Hue owes its charm partly to its location on the Perfume River – picturesque on a clear day, atmospheric even in less flattering weather. There are endless must-see historic sites, especially those that are UNESCO World Heritage designated. Sightseeing can include the ornate Imperial Citadel, colorful Thanh Toan Bridge, royal tombs and the Forbidden Purple City. Hue travel experience will save your value time when travel Vietnam. More than any other Vietnamese city, Hue still moves to a rhythm that is at once uniquely Vietnamese and uniquely Hue.

Hue travel experience

How to get there


You can catch airplane to Hue from Hanoi or HCMC with cost from $35 (750.000đ) to $65 (1.350.000 đ) provide by,, or what you could book directly at their sites or via any travel agencies. You could came from Dalat city to Hue by airplane but only available 3 days per week by

Phu Bai airport at Hue available shuttle bus cost only $2.5 (50.000 đ) or taxi (Mailinh, Thanh Cong or Vang taxi) cost around $10(230.000đ) or by private car (WhatsApp +84832005599) $9(200.000đ)


From Hanoi you could book sleeping bus from Hung Thanh or Camel travel depart 5-6pm everyday cost from $12 (250.000đ). It take 12 hours. These buses pass by Phong Nha around 4am next day so you could travel from Phong Nha to Hue by this way. Its too early but suitable for someone have not much time in Vietnam. Ticket bus from Phong Nha to Hue around $10 (230.000đ) you could book at your hotel or WhatsApp +84845005599. Arriving Hue around 8-9am then you can take motorbike 1 way to Hoi An via Hai Van Pass or stay one more night at Hue to explore this beautiful city.

From the South Vietnam such as Da Nang or Hoi An you could take the sleeping bus 8am or 1pm cost from $4 (90.000đ) to $7 (150.000đ). Other way you could take limousine car $12(250.000đ) or private car $50(1.150.000đ) (+84845005599). From Nha Trang or Da Lat you could take sleeping bus by Futaexpress (wellknow Phuong Trang bus). Its not good option because it take 15 hours to go to Hue. Local bus from HCMC to Hue still available but it take too much time. Recommend take train or airplane.


You can check train ticket available and buy directly from Vietnam Railways or at any travel agencies. If you have plan rent bike from Motorvina you could reserve in advance then get free pickup service


We would recommend motorbike for anyone who wanna experience Vietnam by freedom way. Itself adventure so not suitable for every people. You can go to Hue by motorbike from other cities Vietnam such as Ha Noi, Ha Long, Ninh Binh, Phong Nha, Dong Hoi, Dong Ha, Da Nang, Hoi An, Pleiku, Quy Nhon, Nha Trang, Da Lat, Mui Ne and HCMC (Saigon) where Motorvina has offices or representation offices. You can check details price and conditions here

Experience travel by motorbike is one of must things to try when visit Hue

Top attractions in Hue

Thuy Tien Abandoned Water Park – a Post-Apocalyptic Wonderland

Hồ Thuỷ Tiên may have closed its doors to the public years ago, but the now-abandoned water park in Vietnam still manages to attract throngs of adventurous visitors every day. First opened in 2004, the attraction mysteriously shut down just a few years later due to fiscal issues, leaving its grandeur at nature’s mercy. Unkempt foliage and shattered glass now abound, and once-flowing water slides have transformed into dirt-covered graffiti magnets. The water park’s centerpiece — a three-story-tall dragon-shaped aquarium on top of a lake — is now eerily discolored, cavernous, and devoid of the fish that formerly inhabited it.

So how on earth do you reach this Jurassic Park movie-worthy destination? A quick search on Google Maps reveals Hồ Thuỷ Tiên’s exact location, which is situated just outside the Vietnamese city of Huế. Word around town is that there’s typically a “guard” at the desolate park’s front gate, and visitors tend to tip them for access, so be sure to have cash on hand if you’re planning to stop by.

Ahead, take a virtual tour of the post-apocalyptic wonderland that is Hồ Thuỷ Tiên by admiring the semi-spooky pictures taken by recent visitors; they’re sure to take your breath away. Now, who’s up for a quick trip to Vietnam?

Gia Long Tomb

This is the best tomb to visit if you want to be on your own, few or zero tourist.
Silence an solitude ! A spiritual place to visit.  An easy 30 minute scooter ride from Hué with a fee of only 40K. All self guided so read up before going. Lush, green & quiet. You could discover a floating pontoon bridge, which we crossed to discover small country lanes that meandered along the rive and through villages.Very peaceful and soulful. Well worth the journey, especially on a bike.


Hotels in Hue

Hue has over 200 hotels with more than 10.000 rooms and 17.000 beds from 1-5 stars quality including resorts.

You can choose and book easy hotel at Hue via with detailed feedbacks.

Room maybe not available 27 April to 3 May because lot of Vietnameses travel this time.

Recommend nice place such as Thanh Tan Alba resort at Northern Hue 15km or Laguna at Lang Co Beach at Southern Hue 50km


ATMs, cash and cards in Hue

ATMs are very widely available in Hue as are banks with foreign exchange counters. Credit cards are accepted in major hotels. Smaller hotels are more likely to accept Mastercard and Visa though less likely to accept Amex and Diners.

Internet WIFI and 4G in Hue

Internet access in Hue is very straightforward. All major hotels, cafes and restaurants offer free internet access.  4G telephone coverage is good in the town and around the major tourist sights. Local SIM cards can easily be purchased.

Hue experience, travel experience, hue travel


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Who can ride motorbike in Vietnam with their driver’s license?

If you come from these countries you can ride bike in Vietnam with your license

Please change your license to international driver license to get fully motorbike insurance like local people
























































































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Three Day Tours (Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park)

Our company offers two, three day tours. Both tours are equally fun, beautiful and up-most interesting. The first tour will take you in to the depths of the Phong Nha-, Tien Son- and E Cave. And the second tour will take you to Phong Nha-, Tien Son, Dark Cave, and Paradise Cave.

Tour One: 4.5 kilometres of Phong Nha Cave by kayak &  3 kilometres of Dark Cave

This tour will allow participants to discover the beauty of two of the most beautiful caves that the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park has to offer. Kicking off with the amazing Tien Son Cave & Phong Nha Cave on the first day, hike through Living Valley on the second day. And on the third day participants will pass through 6 kilometres of Dark Cave, from one end to the other!

Tour One Schedule

Day 1: Dong Hoi City/Phong Nha Town – Phong Nha Cave – Discover 4.5 Kilometers Of The Phong Nha Cave – Return to Phong Nha Town

Day 2: Phong Nha Town – Living Valley  – Back Entrance Of Dark Cave – Set Up Camp

Day 3: Visit back side of Dark Cav – Relax At The Main Entrance – Return To Phong Nha/Dong Hoi

Tour Description

Day One

Beautiful pillars and limestone rocks walls.

Tour participants will be picked up at the hotel between 08:00 and 09:00 AM, and then taken down to the boat station located at the Phong Nha-Ke Bang Tourism Center.

The Phong Nha cave, also known as the “The First Wonder” is famous for its subterranean rivier that flows through it for approximately 8 kilometres. Participants will discover the Phong Nha cave by boat, kayak, foot and swimming! This unique way of discovering the cave is a Phong Nha-Ke Bang Tourism Center exclusive and will account for a unforgettable experience.

After conquering the depths of the Phong Nha cave it’s time to head back to the village to recharge energy that’s needed for the following day.

Day Two

This exciting day will kick off with a visit to E Cave which lies deep in the dense forest of the National Park. Hang E Cave is known for its beautiful surroundings and stalagmite and stalactite formations, although these formations are smaller than in other caves they can’t be missed. Visitors will get the chance to swim inside the cave as there runs a river inside of it. After visiting the Hang E cave it’s time to enter the Living Valley!

The Living Valley is part of the National Park and known for its many ancient trees, exotic flowers, unique plants and animals such as monkeys and colourful birds. After a trek visitors will reach the entrance of the Thuy Cung Cave which is also known as the Nuoc Lan Cave. It is located at the back entrance of Dark Cave, here is where visitors will set up camp and spend the night with some games, food and drinks.

Day Three

The next morning it’s time to become true cave explorers and enter the depths of the dark cave, equipped with specialized equipment visitors will now travel throughout the entire cave and embrace its darkness…and beauty! There are many unique aspects to the Dark Cave compared to other caves. For instance: there is a natural Mud Bath inside the cave! And after discovering the Dark Cave visitors can enjoy the tranquillity of the Chay River or play adventurous games, take a zip-line ride and enjoy some tasty traditional Vietnamese dishes at our restaurant!

Tour One Pricing

Price: 399 USD/pax

*Minimum Group Of 2

*Prices Per Person

*Children from 1.5m and up can join this tour (regular price)


Hotel Night (01)

Transportation (car or van)

Entrance fee; National Park Fee

Tour supervisor, rescuer

1 Night Of Camping

Local guide

Food and drink

Trekking gear

Tour Insurance


VAT and other expens

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Phong Nha Cave (4.5km by kayak) & National Park Tour

With this exclusive tour participant will get to venture inside some of the most beautiful cave that our planet has to offer! Conquer the Phong Nha cave by boat, kayak and swimming and discover Paradise Cave, Dark cave, zip lining, kayaking.

Tour Information

Day One

Kayaking through the cave

Tour participants will be picked up at their hotels in the Phong Nha area between 08:00 and 09:00 AM

Participants will discover the Phong Nha cave by kayaking, rock climbing and swimming! This unique way of discovering the cave is a Phong Nha-Ke Bang Tourism Center exclusive and will account for a unforgettable experience. Another unique aspect of this cave is that there are ancient inscriptions and treasures hidden inside the chambers for example inside the By Ki chamber which is located 1.2 kilometers from the entrance. These inscriptions were put there by the Cham people who lived in the area approximately 1000 years ago.

After conquering the depths of the Phong Nha cave it’s time to head back to the village where lunch is served and to recharge energy that’s needed for the following day.

Day Two

After breakfast, just like the previous day participants will be picked up at the hotel Between 08:00 and 09:00 AM. After all the participants are picked up the tour van will drive on to the HCM-West Trail to reach the drop-off zone. From this point on visitors will have to hike and our tour guides will take them deep in to the primary forest to discover the Paradise Cave. This cave is one of the most beautiful caves inside the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, deep inside the cave visitors can embrace the beauty of it. After successfully discovering the paradise cave it’s time to head back through the jungle.

There will be a short stop at the 8 Ladies Cave. This is a memorial temple for 8 brave woman that sought shelter inside one of the caves during the war. Our tour guides will explain the entire story to the participants!

After a short drive the next stop is Dark Cave, where you can enjoy zip lining, kayaking, exploring the cave, natural mud bath. After Dark Cave, it’s time to end these two days full of excitement and joy and participants will be returned to their hotels.

Tour Price & Intinerary

Price Per Person: 199 USD/pax

Children below 1.3m: 100 USD/pax
Children above 1.3m: Adult rates

Tour Programme:
Day One

– Pick Up Between 08:00 ~ 09:00 AM
– Boat Ride From Phong Nha – Ke Bang to the entrance of Phong Nha
– Have Lunch
– Enter the Phong Nha cave by kayak
– Swim inside the cave
– Explore several chambers
– Return to the boat station in Phong Nha Village
– Have Diner
– Return To Hotel And Rest For The Following Day

Day Two
– Breakfast
– Pick up between 08:00 ~ 09:00 am
– Drive on to HCM-West trail to drop off zone
– Explore the primary forest & Paradise Cave
– Visit 8 Ladies Cave Memorial Temple & Learn About The History
– Have Lunch
– End The Tour Between 17:00 ~ 18:00 PM


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Phong Nha Boat & Bike Tour

(Phong Nha Cave, Dark Cave & Bicycle Ride Back)

For those looking for the true Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park experience this tour is the option to choose. The Boat & Bike Tour offers the perfect combination between the exciting adventure feeling and a feeling of soothing relaxation.

Tour Description

The  tour starts between 08:00 AM & 09:00 AM,  participants will be picked up by a tour van from the Heritage By Night Hotel and brought to the boat station at the Phong Nha-Ke Bang Tourism Center ticket office.  At the boat station a traditional Vietnamese dragon boat will be waiting and drive them on the Son river to the entrance of the Phong Nha Cave. The Son river is not a regular river, it is a river of which origin is located underground. On this boat ride participants get the chance to fully wake up and see what’s going on beyond the touristic center of Phong Nha.

There are many people living on each side of the river bank as for most people in this area the rivers are a crucial source of food, and for some income. The local people keep fish farms inside the river, these fish need to be fed and therefore the owners go out on traditional boats to find river-weed to feed their fish. They take out the weed from the bottom of the river with two long sticks, almost like giant chop sticks. This is a daily activity which requires a lot of energy, participants will often think of this as the “other side” of Vietnam (the hard working).

Subterranean River Inside Phong Nha Cave.

Once arrived at the Phong Nha Cave’s entrance it’s time to venture inside the big gazing hole (entrance) and explore the cave by boat. The Phong Nha Cave is not a regular cave, it is the longest subterranean river system and longest underground river cave in the world and also known as “The First Wonder”. It opened up for tourism in 1995 and has been the #1 tourism site in the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park ever since.

Before entering the boat driver will shut down the engine and continue with a paddle, this is because we want to visitors and tour participants to truly experience the cave, and thus its silence. A artificial lighting system was installed in 1998 and renewed in 2013, this creates for gorgeous scenery inside the cave and allows visitors to see more of the cave than usual.  The first formation that visitors see while diving deeper inside is usually welcomed by a “whooaa”. This extremely large stalagmite formation rises high up in the air and lighted in a mysterious way.  After 1.2km the boat turns around, visitors are dropped off before the exit and are allowed to walk around in the cave and take pictures of the enormous stalagmite and stalactite formations while slowly making their way back to the boat station at the entrance of the cave.

The Phong Nha Cave is not just a beautiful cave, it also has a rich history and has had many purposes in the past. Inscriptions and old artifacts are found inside the cave. These belong to to the Cham people who inhabited the area thousands of years ago. This ancient culture had it’s own alphabet which till the day of today still hasn’t been fully decrypted!

A picture of the beautiful limestone

After successfully discovering the Phong Nha Cave it’s now time to sit back and enjoy another boat ride to Dark Cave. This time the boat driver will take participants upstream on the Chay river, another amazing river that runs through the national park. The Chay river is known for its deep blue water. Along the way children will be playing games in the water, ride buffaloes across the river and wave happily at the tourists passing by. The cool breeze will allow people to embrace the tranquility of the area while seeing the “mini halong bay” formations that rise up from the water surface. On the boat ride to Dark Cave two villages will be passed; Cam village & Ne village. Our tour guides will tell participants more about the history of these villages and their area. This boat ride is the last chance to relax before the big adventure waiting at Dark Cave!

Dark Cave 400m Zipline

Once arrived at Dark Cave’s boat station it’s time to get geared up for the exploration. Dark Cave was first discovered in 1990 by the same man that discovered the biggest cave in the world: Son Doong.  In 2014 the 400 meter double zip-line was build and since then Dark Cave became one of the most popular tourism sites in the area. The zip-line is currently the longest zip-line in Vietnam and the Phong Nha-Ke Bang Tourism Center received a Vietnamese Guinness Records award in the 2015 Quang Binh Cave Festival. During this festival a new Dark Cave tour was launched (6 km Dark Cave exploration) and a new obstacle course above the water was built (the adventurous bridge).

The entrance of the cave is located near the end of the zip-line, a short 20 meter swim is required in the cool emerald green sometimes blue water of the Chay river. While venturing deep in to the cave our professional English speaking tour guides will provide visitors with plenty of information about the cave and its history. At the end of one of the narrow passages there’s a natural mud-bath waiting and we assure that it’s a lot of fun! There’s more to the cave than just the mud bath. It is home to many different lakes and ancient fossils are forever embedded in to the rock walls of the cave. With it’s stunning length of 6 kilometers the Dark Cave is a truly magnificent sight without any artificial lighting installed which creates for a TRUE cave experience.

After successfully exploring Dark Cave it’s time to take a short kayak ride back to the boat station. Next to the boat station a shorter zip-line is located and visitors can release themselves in to the water. For those who still have energy a shot at conquering the adventurous bridge will be very tempting. There are not many people who actually make it across!

At Dark Cave restaurant visitors can order a cold drinks & some very tasty traditional Vietnamese dishes prepared by our professional staff.

Buffaloes & Bikes!

After the lunch it’s time to head back to the Phong Nha village by bicycle. However, instead of driving on the regular boring road to Dark Cave our tour guides will take participants off –road through the many villages along the river. The locals warmly welcome foreign tourists, especially the children. The children often ask for candy so we encourage participants of the Boat & Bike Tour to take some sweets and hand them out to the children in these villages. Our guides will take participants to places which tourists are not likely to go on their own, that’s why this tour is so unique and exciting. Our guides will provide information about the history rich area, and stop at the wine-cave which was used in the war. To get to the Phong Nha village participants will have to cross the suspension bridge followed by a ferry crossing. Once the opposite side of the river bank has been reached it takes just 20 more minutes to arrive in the village, however along the way there are plenty of interesting stops.

The Boat & Bike Tour is another Phong Nha-Ke Bang Tourism Center EXCLUSIVE Tour. This tour creates the perfect mix between exciting adventure and relaxation.

Tour Itinerary & Price

08:00 – 09h00: Pick up visitors from hotels within Phong Nha area.
Tour activities:
– Boat Ride on Son river to visit Phong Nha Cave-First Wonder
– Boat Along Chay River To Dark Cave
– Have Lunch At Dark Cave
– Explore Dark Cave, zip-line, take mud bath inside the cave, see fossils, kayak, play water games
– Bicycle Back To Chay Village & See Many Fields And Children Playing And Riding Buffaloes
17:00 Return to Phong Nha area to end the tour


Price Per Person: 1,350,000 VND/67,5 USD

Price Included:

– Transportation (boat&bicycle)
– Tour Guide
– Life-jacket
– Specialized Equipment
– Zip-Line Ride
– Mud Bath
– All Entrance Fees
– Lunch & Drinks (water!)
– Tour Insurance
– Unforgettable Experience!!
**Tour price excludes VAT and other expenses.