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Reviews from our TripAdvisor Community
Convenience at its best
When we googled "Hue to Hoi An on motorbike", Motorvina was one of the first hits with good reviews. This got us interested. When we got there the service was good and their English was sufficient. There were plenty of motorbikes which looked in great shape. We didn't get the impression that they were trying to scam us. The bags could be left behind and transported to your destination for just 1$ per piece. They also recommended some spots to visit along the way. This included the Elephant Springs (which we couldn't find unfortunately), the Hai Van Pass (extraordinary), and the Marble Mountains. When we got to Hoi An to return the motorbike, we picked up our bags and they called a taxi for us. They promised in Hue however that they would bring us to our accomodation. This was however quickly resolved when the staff explained they would pay for our ride. Overall our experience with Motorvina has been excellent. I would recommend it to everyone looking to rent a motorbike in general.
Voorburg, The Netherlands
Very flexible!
We rented a motorbike for two days to go from Hue via the Hai Van pass to Hoian on our own. Mr Vien from Motorvina supplied us in advance with a map containing a suggested route which turned out to be very interesting and led us on the smaller raods with less traffic for most of the time. Then we considered keeping the bike for some extra days but had to change our plans again due to one of us getting ill. The guys from motorvina reacted very flexible by just taking the bike back without charging us for the extra time we originally booked it for. They also transported parts of our luggage while we travelled on the bike and were helpful in every possible way. Thank you very much!
Odense, Denmark
This trip was insane. very good value and the bikes were awesome to drive. recommend it to anyone and everyone
Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Una experiencia 100% recomendable
Alquilamos una moto con ellos para hacer el trayecto hue-hanoi y la experiencia fue muy gratificante. Nos enviaron las maletas a nuestro hotel en hanoi así no teníamos que conducir con las maletas grandes. Es un buen sitio para alquilar una moto y hacer un viaje diferente.
Excellent Adventure.
One of the best days in Vietnam....With trepidation we set off, soon our fears were put to rest. Peter my rider was great, keen, enthusiastic.....really put us and our safety first. He was informative, he had humor. Also very interested to learn a little about us, to speak and improve his English. To stop, rest, photograph.....nothing was a problem, relaxing awesome day, highly recommendable. The scenery speaks for itself, the company makes the day!
Great fun. Great guides. Great guys.

Gambling terms and phrases

Gambling terms all in

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Gambling terms

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Gambling terms and slang

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Gambling terms and conditions

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