Thien Mu Pagoda

This famous pagoda is far from the city center about 5km, located on Ha Khe hill, by Huong river bank.
Legend has it that in the old days, the local here often saw an old woman wearing red dress, green trousers turned up in their dreams and said that it would be a lord coming here to build a pagoda to reinforce good layer of earth. One day, Nguyen Hoang Lord stopped off and heard the story, and then he decided to build a pagoda here named Thien Mu (literally “celestial lady”).
The pagoda was constructed in 1601 and restored by Nguyen Phuc Tan Lord in 1665. In 1710, Nguyen Phuc Chu Lord ordered to cast a giant bell which weighs 3285 kg and in 1715, he had a stone stele built on a stone tortoise’s back which is 2,58m high. Thien Mu pagoda experienced several restorations during reigns of Nguyen Kings. Phuoc Duyen Tower, the seven floors octagonal tower, was built in 1844 by Thieu Tri King. Inside it is Dai Hung shrine, a magnificent grandiose architecture work.
In front of the sanctuaries and around the pagoda as well, there are many beautiful gardens and a pine forest rearward. Thien mu pagoda was downgraded severely in 1943 and since 1945, it has had a complete restoration for more than 30 years.
Nowadays, Thien Mu pagoda has been preserved and embellished to be an attractive place not only for Buddhists but also for tourists visiting Hue.

Thien Mu pagoda - sacred place by Huong river
Thien Mu pagoda – sacred place by Huong river