Ru Cha Mangrove Forest

If you intend to escape the hustle and bustle of Hue city, Ru Cha mangrove forest should be the first priority due to its beauty and peace. Located in Thuan Hoa village which is around 15 kilometers distance from Hue city. This five- hectare forest is the only preserved primeval mangrove forest in Hue , still serving the dual function of preventing saline encroachment and motigating storm impact. With diverse ecosystems, the primeval mangrove forest helps to bring a stable subsistence livehood for local residents.

Tourists are seen taking a stroll amid the peaceful atmosphere of the area.  Having a walk around the mangrove forest, visitors can discover the primary forest, enjoy the fresh air and occasionally see the sunlight playing through the leaves which give us a sense of comfort. It is therefore also a good venue for those wanting to get away from work and to escape the stress of daily life.

From the high floors of the watchtower, visitors easily observe shrimp ponds, farm,  fishing boats and nets on Tam Giang lagoon. At some time of season, they can go rowing around the forest which is surrouded by rivers and lakes.  Apart from those who come to enjoy the beauty and take pictures, nowadays this forest also attracts people caring environment because of its valuable source of biodiversity.

How to get there :  Around 15 km distance from Hue city,  there are some options for transportation to get there such as private car, taxi, cyclo or motorbike. In order to reach this place, visitors should follow National No 49 to Thuan An beach , and then turn left to Tam Giang bridge. According to our experience,  taking motorbike is one of the best choices due to its super convenience and flexibility. A tour guide should be hired to accommodate to all your needs.

Ru cha mangrove forest
A concrete road leading to mangrove forest.
Ru cha mangrove forest overview
The overview of  mangrove forest.


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