How to ride a scooter in Vietnam

Firstly you should know some functions and how to using some parts of bike such as horn, tire, front brake, rear brake, mirrors, throttle..

There are some steps to help you ride bike easier:

  • Make sure you wear helmets and other protections
  • Stay on bike and keep it stand balance
  • Make sure you have safe area enough in front of bike
  • Turn on key
  • Hold brake and kick start engine
  • Take your finger on both brakes in ready position to make sure you can take brake as fast as possible
  • Turn throttle higher level as slow as you can. Bike starting run, this time do not turn throttle fast, do not hold the handle bar too strong, then try to control bike balance on road.
  • Make sure you have 300m at least free straight road. Don’t try to turn bike left or right before you feel comfortable
  • If you want to turn bike left or right, you should keep bike run slower even stop to make sure you have safely road by turn the throttle at lower level and use both brakes step by step to control bike run slower. One important thing that use rear brake first and front brake then. Do not use front brake first because front wheel is easy get lost the way.
  • Keep safely distance to any other transports on the roads
  • Try to ride until you feel comfortable on bike (usual time around 10 minutes)

Other notes help you ride bike better in Vietnam traffics

  • Some Vietnamese ride bike without indicate when they turn left or right. Some people usually use horn on road so sometime you will feel annoy while riding bike.
  • Keep safe speech. Motorbike only allow maximum speech only 50kmh at any town or city, outside 60kmh

Enjoy your ride and explore amazing Vietnam by your way!