Hue travel experience

Hue owes its charm partly to its location on the Perfume River – picturesque on a clear day, atmospheric even in less flattering weather. There are endless must-see historic sites, especially those that are UNESCO World Heritage designated. Sightseeing can include the ornate Imperial Citadel, colorful Thanh Toan Bridge, royal tombs and the Forbidden Purple City. Hue travel experience will save your value time when travel Vietnam. More than any other Vietnamese city, Hue still moves to a rhythm that is at once uniquely Vietnamese and uniquely Hue.

Hue travel experience

How to get there


You can catch airplane to Hue from Hanoi or HCMC with cost from $35 (750.000đ) to $65 (1.350.000 đ) provide by,, or what you could book directly at their sites or via any travel agencies. You could came from Dalat city to Hue by airplane but only available 3 days per week by

Phu Bai airport at Hue available shuttle bus cost only $2.5 (50.000 đ) or taxi (Mailinh, Thanh Cong or Vang taxi) cost around $10(230.000đ) or by private car (WhatsApp +84832005599) $9(200.000đ)


From Hanoi you could book sleeping bus from Hung Thanh or Camel travel depart 5-6pm everyday cost from $12 (250.000đ). It take 12 hours. These buses pass by Phong Nha around 4am next day so you could travel from Phong Nha to Hue by this way. Its too early but suitable for someone have not much time in Vietnam. Ticket bus from Phong Nha to Hue around $10 (230.000đ) you could book at your hotel or WhatsApp +84845005599. Arriving Hue around 8-9am then you can take motorbike 1 way to Hoi An via Hai Van Pass or stay one more night at Hue to explore this beautiful city.

From the South Vietnam such as Da Nang or Hoi An you could take the sleeping bus 8am or 1pm cost from $4 (90.000đ) to $7 (150.000đ). Other way you could take limousine car $12(250.000đ) or private car $50(1.150.000đ) (+84845005599). From Nha Trang or Da Lat you could take sleeping bus by Futaexpress (wellknow Phuong Trang bus). Its not good option because it take 15 hours to go to Hue. Local bus from HCMC to Hue still available but it take too much time. Recommend take train or airplane.


You can check train ticket available and buy directly from Vietnam Railways or at any travel agencies. If you have plan rent bike from Motorvina you could reserve in advance then get free pickup service


We would recommend motorbike for anyone who wanna experience Vietnam by freedom way. Itself adventure so not suitable for every people. You can go to Hue by motorbike from other cities Vietnam such as Ha Noi, Ha Long, Ninh Binh, Phong Nha, Dong Hoi, Dong Ha, Da Nang, Hoi An, Pleiku, Quy Nhon, Nha Trang, Da Lat, Mui Ne and HCMC (Saigon) where Motorvina has offices or representation offices. You can check details price and conditions here

Experience travel by motorbike is one of must things to try when visit Hue

Top attractions in Hue

Thuy Tien Abandoned Water Park – a Post-Apocalyptic Wonderland

Hồ Thuỷ Tiên may have closed its doors to the public years ago, but the now-abandoned water park in Vietnam still manages to attract throngs of adventurous visitors every day. First opened in 2004, the attraction mysteriously shut down just a few years later due to fiscal issues, leaving its grandeur at nature’s mercy. Unkempt foliage and shattered glass now abound, and once-flowing water slides have transformed into dirt-covered graffiti magnets. The water park’s centerpiece — a three-story-tall dragon-shaped aquarium on top of a lake — is now eerily discolored, cavernous, and devoid of the fish that formerly inhabited it.

So how on earth do you reach this Jurassic Park movie-worthy destination? A quick search on Google Maps reveals Hồ Thuỷ Tiên’s exact location, which is situated just outside the Vietnamese city of Huế. Word around town is that there’s typically a “guard” at the desolate park’s front gate, and visitors tend to tip them for access, so be sure to have cash on hand if you’re planning to stop by.

Ahead, take a virtual tour of the post-apocalyptic wonderland that is Hồ Thuỷ Tiên by admiring the semi-spooky pictures taken by recent visitors; they’re sure to take your breath away. Now, who’s up for a quick trip to Vietnam?

Gia Long Tomb

This is the best tomb to visit if you want to be on your own, few or zero tourist.
Silence an solitude ! A spiritual place to visit.  An easy 30 minute scooter ride from Hué with a fee of only 40K. All self guided so read up before going. Lush, green & quiet. You could discover a floating pontoon bridge, which we crossed to discover small country lanes that meandered along the rive and through villages.Very peaceful and soulful. Well worth the journey, especially on a bike.


Hotels in Hue

Hue has over 200 hotels with more than 10.000 rooms and 17.000 beds from 1-5 stars quality including resorts.

You can choose and book easy hotel at Hue via with detailed feedbacks.

Room maybe not available 27 April to 3 May because lot of Vietnameses travel this time.

Recommend nice place such as Thanh Tan Alba resort at Northern Hue 15km or Laguna at Lang Co Beach at Southern Hue 50km


ATMs, cash and cards in Hue

ATMs are very widely available in Hue as are banks with foreign exchange counters. Credit cards are accepted in major hotels. Smaller hotels are more likely to accept Mastercard and Visa though less likely to accept Amex and Diners.

Internet WIFI and 4G in Hue

Internet access in Hue is very straightforward. All major hotels, cafes and restaurants offer free internet access.  4G telephone coverage is good in the town and around the major tourist sights. Local SIM cards can easily be purchased.

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