Gia Long Tomb

Gia Long tomb, the rest place of the first King of the Nguyen dynasty – Gia Long King, was built from 1814 to 1820. To get here, you can go by boat along Huong river about 18km to the tomb’s port or travel by land about 16km.

The whole tomb area is a group of mountains with 42 hills and mountains, of which the biggest  one named Dai Thien Tho was chosen to be the front of the tomb and to name for the whole group of mountains.

The King’s grave is located on a flat large hill. The front is the great Dai Thien Tho mountain, the back is protected by 7 mountains. Both sides also have 14 mountains stand for “ green dragons” on the right and “white tigers” on the left. The royal tomb is divided into 3 areas:

Right in the middle are tombs of Gia Long King and Thua Thien Cao Queen. Over the ground standing the august stone statues and Buu Thanh on the top of the hill. Inside Buu Thanh, there are 2 stone graves symbolling for happiness and loyalty.

The right-side is Minh Thanh palace in which used to worship the King and the Queen. In the past, this place stored remembrances that had been along with the King in his war life.

On the left of the tomb is Bi Dinh Temple, but now only remain the large stele that carved the poem to praise the merit of Gia Long written by his son- Minh Mang King.

Gia Long Tomb is such a wonderful picture inside nature and its architecture has created imposing features for natural landscape.

Gia Long tomb Hue