National Park Tour (HCM-Trail in Park, 8 Ladies Cave, Paradise Cave, Dark Cave)

The national park tour is the perfect option for visitors who would like to get to know more about the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park and its geology, biodiversity and history rich environment. Our tour guides will provide you with interesting information on the many different unique aspects of the National Park and the different sites that will be visited on this tour.

Tour Description

Participants of the National Park Tour will be picked up at the Heritage By Night Hotel between 08:00 & 09:00 AM, we strongly recommend participants to have breakfast before the pick-up time! Our driver will take the tour van along the Victory 20 Road and stop at various vantage points and history rich sites such as: Double Mountain (animal rescue zone) and Rock Garden (gorgeous river rapid).

Zip-line in to Dark Cave

The first highlight of this tour is the Eight Ladies cave, a cave with a lot of history behind it. Eight brave woman have died inside the cave. The tour guide will provide the entire story and tour participants will get the chance to join and perform a real traditional ritual to honor the brave woman!

After the ritual the tour van will drive to the next stop which is the Paradise Cave, the Paradise Cave is located 3 kilometers from the HCM-west trail. The Paradise Cave was first discovered in 2005 by Ho Khanh who also discovered the biggest cave in the world (Son Doong )

Mooc Spring Bamboo Bridge

After exploring the cave visitors will have the option to take a golf car to the foot of the mountain and climb to the top to see the evergreen forest and perhaps spot some exotic animals!

Between the Paradise Cave and Mooc  Spring Eco Trail – which is the next stop – a short stop at the Rock Garden,  from the vantage point at Rock Garden the entire Mooc  Spring Eco Trail can be seen and captured on camera.  After this stop it’s time to have lunch at the Mooc  Spring  Eco Trail and walk the bamboo bridge that is build over the spring. The mooc spring is known for it’s deep blue water, beautiful rapids, waterfalls and vegetation. At the right time of year the orchid garden will be filled with colorful flowers and exotic birds. Participants will get the chance to relax and save up some energy which will be very useful at the next stop…Dark Cave!

Inside Dark Cave

Next to Phong Nha, Dark Cave is the most popular tourism site in the area. It was first discovered in 1990 and opened up not long after that. The Dark Cave is the smaller version of the Son Doong Cave. The reason for the name is that there is no artificial light installed inside the cave and with its total length of 6 kilometers it’s nothing but darkness! Moreover, the rocks inside the cave are dark, some gray some black.

In 2014 a 400 meter double-zip line was built and is now used to enter the cave. The zip-line is the longest zip-line in Vietnam and the Phong Nha-Ke Bang Tourism Center received a Vietnamese Guinness Records award at the beginning of the Quang Binh 2015 Cave Festival which was a big success.  During the cave festival a couple of new tours were launched by our company, including the brand new 6 kilometers Dark Cave exploration. This tour takes visitors from the back entrance of the cave (Thuy Cung) all the way to the main entrance of the cave!

The entrance of the Dark Cave is at the opposite river bank from the Zip-Line tower. The beautiful deep blue color of the Chay river will catch your eye while riding the Zip-Line and a short 20 meter swim is required to actually enter the cave after the ride. The cave is home to many lakes, with a water temperature of about 18 degrees.  Inside the cave there are many unique things to see and experience! There is a natural mud bath at the end of one of the narrow passages and there are many ancient fossils to be found. The fossils are over a billion years old! And the natural mud bath is very good for the skin, and compared to a mud-bath in a spa this is just a fraction of the price.

Group Dish @ Dark Cave Restaurant

Our guides will provide you with more information about the history of the cave while exploring it. After successfully exploring the cave it’s time to take the kayak and paddle back to the boat station. Next to the boat station a smaller zip-line can be found, here participants will be able to actually release themselves in to the water. For those with enough energy, the adventure bridge will be a real challenge. Only a few people make it across every month, the adventure bridge was built during the Quang Binh cave festival and has since then attracted a lot of customers. Dare to try it?

Finally, when all the participants have used up their energy in the water games, it’s time to refuel at the Dark Cave restaurant. Our chefs prepare tasty traditional meals for a very reasonable price and the dining area has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

After exploring many caves and having a lot of fun it’s time to return back to the Phong Nha village. The tour van will take participants back between 16:00 and 17:00. The National Park Tour is a Phong Nha-Ke Bang Tourism Center exclusive tour, therefore we can guarantee a amazing experience! Our tour guides are highly skilled guides with a lot of experience, they speak English and have a lot of knowledge about the park: its history, geology, biodiversity and vegetation.

Tour Itinerary & Price

08h00 – 09h00: pick up visitors at hotels within Phong Nha area.

09h00: Drive on to the HCM-West Trail were visitors will be dropped to enter the primary forest.

Tour activities:

– See Trang An Bridge (Historical Site)

– Visit 8 Ladies Cave (Memorial Temple) and learn about the history

– Explore Paradise Cave

– Visit and have lunch at Mooc Spring Eco Trail

– Visit Dark Cave including Zip-Line, Cave Exploration, Mud Bath, Water Games, Relaxing)

16h00 – 17h00: Return to Phong Nha area. End the tour.


Price Per Person: 1,350,000 VND/67,5 USD


11 till 16 years old:           1,030,000 VND/ 51,5 USD

5 till 11 years old:             774,000 VND/ 38,5 USD

3 till 5 years old:               645,000 VND/32,25 USD

under 3 years old:            FREE

Price Included:

– Transportation

– Tour Guide

– All Entrance Fees

– Lunch & Drinks (water!)

– Specialized Equipment

– Tour Insurance

– Unforgettable Experience!!

**Tour price excludes VAT and other expenses.