Bun Bo Hue

Bun bo Hue (Hue style beef noodles) is a popular Vietnamese soup vermicelli dish, and one of the most typical foods of Hue, Vietnam. Harmony combination of ingredients make the food famous; the broth is prepared by simmering beef and bones for a long period of time, after that a large range of different spices containing lemon grass and chili are added in. Shrimp paste is an important spice to smell the dish strong. Hue people usually add thin slices of beef shank, chunks of boiled oxtail, and pig’s knuckles or pork into the bowl. It can also contain cubes of maroon brown congealed pig blood, which are good for those suffering from high blood pressure. The specialty is commonly served with a plenty of herbs like sprouts, lime wedges, cilantro sprigs, onions, and sliced banana blossom. Thinly sliced purple cabbage or iceberg lettuces are used in case of lacking in banana blossom. It is highly recommended for tourists to add a few of shrimp paste directly into the soup. Bun Bo is a must-try dish that you should taste when visiting Hue, especially in a winter day, sitting next to the stove and enjoying a hot bowl of Bun Bo, it can be a great experience!

The price is from 15.000-40.000vnd ($1-$2)

bun bo hue

Motorvina’s recommendation:

+ Bun Bo Madame Kéo: 20 Bach Dang st, Hue

+ A small stall on Nguyen Du st, Hue

+ Madam Bot: Ha Noi st, Hue or Tran Hung Dao st