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What should prepare for motorcycle trips?

Ride a bike and discovery Vietnam by yourself is one of the best thing to do. How great day you can image if you can get all useful information and do it by yourself? Maybe wake up early morning and ride to beach to enjoy sunshine, take off-road to learn daily life of minority people at some villages in valleys or ride to top of mountains and get amazing view of Vietnam landscapes

It self motorcycle trips is adventurous so if you wanna get success motorcycle trips you should have a good preparing. These checklist may be useful

  • Motorbike and motorbike checklist
  • Toolkits for tight chain and fix flat tire incase ()
  • Inside tub, pump, spark plus
  • Helmets (3/4 or full-face), knee & elbow protection pads, gloves, ()
  • sun glasses, night glasses
  • Gopro Camera, SLDR camera, memory cards, usb cable, card reader
  • Smartphone with offline downloaded  maps and enable access internet with 3/4G
  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Un water
  • Medicine
  • First aid kit
  • Motorbike documents (blue card, insurance)
  • Personal documents ()

Motorcycle checklist




How to access internet data at Vietnam with 3G/4G?

Buy a sim card in Vietnam so easy. It is available many phone or grocery shops on road. These are 3 best telephone companies in Vietnam have good signal at most area in Vietnam: Viettel, Mobifone and Vinaphone. Cost for a new sim card only 3-5usd including account for calling 3-5usd

Please note that some phone was locked by Provider that you can not use other networks. International version phone will be Ok or android phone easier to use other networks. Iphone from some country was locked and only use dormitory network at their country.

Cost for dormitory area calling around 1.500 vnd/minute (14 minutes calling cost around 1usd). Cost for international calling around 3.600 vnd/minute

Internet data access packages 2Gb – 3Gb cost 6-10usd

It also easy to recharge account by buy a new key-number at the same shops

4G has just available some big cities in Vietnam (Oct. 2016)


 3G internet data access registration. Please following these guides
Services                                        vietel                                              mobifone                                                vinaphone
calling fee (vnd)                         1500                                               1500                                                        1500
sim card (vnd)                            60000                                           60000                                                     60000
Check available money left     enter *101# then Call                  enter *101# then Call                          enter *101# then Call
Recharge money                       enter *100*keynumber#            enter *100*keynumber#                    enter *100*keynumber#
data registration                       text DMAX send 191 (1.5Gb)     text DK M120 send 999 (3Gb)      text DK MAX100 send 888 (1.2Gb)
data registration                       text DMAX200 send 191(3Gb)  text DK M200 send 999 (5Gb)     text DK MAX200 send 888 (3Gb)
Check available data left         text KTTK send 191                      text KT DATA send 999                 text KT DATA send 888
Cancel data                                text HUY send 191                        text HUY send 999                          text HUY send 888