Repair motorbike at Hue

Now we have available garage to repair motorbike at Hue city. Most backpackers used “honda” win bike to travel by theme-self but this kind of bike most old bikes and need to maintain after each 500-700km. Our garage located at city central city so easy to find place to repair motorbike at Hue. Some places like Kim Thien Mechanic they charge price still high 

Why you should use our service?

  • We can talk by English and can understand most your requests so you don’t waste your time to explain or do the right things.
  • We have good oil (which using for our motorbike for rent – need to be good for long term ) and good price. Cost for changing oil from 80.000 -120.000 VND.
  • Professional mechanics whom have 10 year experience
  • Fast and long term guarantee
  • Reasonable price

Our garage run this service because Vietnam famous with amazing roads which motorbike is the best transport to travel. Most local mechanics cant speak English so travellers have to face high-price or misunderstand your requests or even change not good bike parts

How to work?

Just give us a call we can come to your place to collect bike then fix and delivery back to your hotel or you can come directly to our place to do that

Address: 14/42 Nguyen Cong Tru st, Hue

Tel: 0543866599 – 01232005599